How i get data from firebase




You want to click a name in a listview and call all the list under that name ? Does it right?


yes u r right


When click on listview’ s item you have to set bucket as selected item and call tag list again. When get the list set it as items of listview. Now I am out home I can’t add pics


thanks a lot for the suggestion but its better if u send the pic of it…
i am new on it…


Begin to try and also read :point_right: Docs make a search in the community. It is a common question.
When I go back to home I will post some pics.


thanks a lot
i will try…




““PLZZ”” can’t give me a time machine to come back to home faster.
I can’t send you pics without a laptop or driving :rage::rage:
I said you when I am at home!!! Education is the first thing, always!
Remember next time I will not give you any help if you don’t give respect , where you come from?
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@Goldking very very sorry to hurt u…
next time i will remember
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I ask you where you come from because there are a lot of people ( I think from the same country that have the same way to do) . this is a free community and we help for free all users, if someone is unable to help , wait is the the minimum action .
Let me know if it works.


I am from India.
The module u gave me is not working properly…
when i click on a name, not showing the detail under the name…
it shows “no data” in label…

Actually I want that when I clicked on a name shows the detail under the name on another screen while the list view name is on other screen…


Now I’m at work I can take a look in the evening. Is it necessary to add another screen only to show some words? You can set arrangement visible and not visible to simulate a multiscreen. Anyway see you later .




I was thinking about one thing! Did you make the structure of firebase with the online console? Or with thunkable? If you use the console remember to add the values using this way :
:point_right: " \ "data you want to save\ “”
In your pic now I see all values without this form, you have to add all the characters I used
( no space between this characters " \ " and this \ " " , sorry but the forum delete characters if I write without space. )
Try it, if it not works you have to wait in the evening


My code works for me, you made the changes I said to you?


I have data on excelsheet, i saved the excelsheet as csv and the convert it into json file and upload on the firebase…


I never worked with json but you can search in the community and on you tube . There are a lot of posts and tutorial.
This is the first I found. :point_right: HERE
I think there is a problem with this conversion and data are not stored in the right way.