How does Push Notification component work?

I’m working with Push Notification component but I don’t understand how to use it.
I’ve follow documentation here
and I have a OneSignal configured and working.
Then I build a very very simple app: an empty screen with the Push Notification component as invisible component. Add the “One Signal App ID” into the properties of the Push Notifications component and run the App.
Anyway in OneSignal I don’t see any device or user connected so if I try to send a notification it doesn’t fire.
All I want to do is recive on my phone a push notification by OneSignal.
How does it possible?

After pasting one signal app id into the properties in thunkable platform, build the app and install it on your device. After successful installation of an app, come back to onesignal poratl click on “Check Subscribed Users” in one signal. It must show any active subscriber/s to continue further.

Below Tutorial may help you.

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Thanks. I did a test using USB connection. I will try installing apk on device. Unfortunally, at the moment, apk generation give me an error (network error).

I am pretty sure OneSignal only works in the final apk but not while live testing. :thinking:

To be honest, yesterday when I create OneSignal account, I was requested to create a Firebase account too and connect them both… damn Google :frowning:


But, I didn’t know about this. Is it true Firebase setup is not required to use onesignal? :thinking:

Sorry, my bad… It seems you do need it for the setup :grimacing: I couldn’t remember I ever set this up :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:


I’m unable to generate APK: it get a network error. If I remove PushNotification component, it works. How can I do?

What extensions and components do you use? Is everything properly set in the PushNotification component?

PushNotification component only. And a label.
In PushNotification component I set the only field available: OneSignal App ID.

did you check if the AppID is right? Also maybe if it contains any spaces? If that’s alright then I actually have no idea what could be wrong :thinking:

The strange is: at the end of building process, the browser says “Network error” on download. It seems that building is ok but not downloadable. Tested in Chrome and Firefox.

Anyway, works with QR code :slight_smile:

where can I find this option?

Anyway now I see my phone as subscribed user. Thanks!

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Firebase is required to configure Onsignal
You need to copy Server Key and Server Id from firebase to one signal GCM and copy the server api key to push notifications.

Sorry, I was offline.
It’s nice to know that finally, you succeeded.

Just checked, at my end, I’m unable to download using “QR code”. After scanning QR my mobile does nothing.
But direct apk file build and download works fine. It took just 44 seconds to build an apk.

Thanks but I already corrected this in my post :wink:

perfect thanks

Hello, how to use push notification when time’s up. like I set with time picker in 12:00 then while 12:00 it will show push notification, when I press the notification it will show the menu that ask “Do you drink your vitamin?”