How do I zoom in on an image placed on the screen


I would like someone to help me to enlarge an image on the screen, thank you.


do you mean your PC’s screen or the thunkable app’s screen?


I would like to increase image resolution on android.
In the app I’m doing thunkable.


The idea is to increase or decrease the image.


you wanna make an App which could zoom in or zoom out the showed image?


No, the application is already done.
What I want is to be able to enlarge the image by touching the screen.
But I do not want it to be through a button, because I can do that.
The problem is that the image has very small phrases and people will not be able to read.


i think you can reduce resolution but you can not increase it
so you have to download it readable in the first place
hope this article useful for you
read the part of ( Using Images with App Inventor )