How do I remove ( ) from the list? [solved]

I would like to remove () from a list of the text I get from Speech Recognizer when I show the result on a text box. The blocks I use are shown below.

The result shown on TextBox1 will be for example, (text0 text1 text2 text3). () is the default form of “list”. I want to remove them and show only text on the text box, how do I do that?

The result I want to show on the text box is text0 text1 text2 text3, without ().

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Try this:


Thank you very much, Mika. It works!

I have one more question. If I want to add “.” after every sentence I get from speech recognizer. How do I do that?

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I think it must work if you add a “join” block to the result:

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It works. Thanks. :relaxed:

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Nice that it works now :slight_smile:

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@Mika, after looking the example, I was thinking… how to do this with a list that is going to be put in a listview?

If you put that in a lit view, you will not see (). You will only see () if you show list on e.g. a text box or label. You will not need these blocks if you show the text on the list view.

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@Bruger, that’s not true… see the picture:

And my blocks:

In my case, I’m using the barcode and putting a quantity and when I push the SALVAR button, it executes the block above.

If I use the procedure recommended by @Mika, it gives me an error.

I reply to myself: I am creating a list to put in the listview. That’s why it shows the parenthesis. Now it’s ok!!! Thanks, @Bruger.

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But can someone answer - Why are there parenthesis (brackets) shown at all when presenting the list in a textbox? Seem like very unnecessary to me…???

Hola, puedes utilizar esta extensión:!category-topic/mitappinventortest/app-inventor-extensions/qN6fuQPNVUQ

This is because lists are formatted as YailLists in thunkable & app inventor

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valeu amigo mesmo nao falando ingles tu me ajudou muito espero que com este comentario em portugues ajude mais pessoas a acha seu tutorial se alguem quiser ajuda so chama que e ajudo sem problemas ate pessoal

how do you get it done, @Kleyber_Derick?

this is the simplest way and success


Sorry for answering late, but yes, that’s the way to do it.

@Kleyber_Derick I could make this complete code available? I work with meters in a company and it fits perfectly with my application this barcode reader.