How do I modify an application from Classic to X

How do I modify an application from
Classic to X.

Hi @nageh, unfortunately it’s not possible to simply import .aia files directly into Thunkable X since Classic is Android-only and these files are not compatible with the cross-platform projects that are used in Thunkable X.

Happy to give you some guidance on re-creating your project in Thunkable X though - let me know if there’s any way I can help.

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Unfortunately this fails and there is no support for Classic
Soon we will change the platform

Hi @nageh - I don’t understand what you mean by:

I’m happy to assist you migrating your project to Thunkable X, can you tell us a bit more about your app? Do you have a link for it in the Play store?


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What is the right way
For the appearance of interstitial ads
To comply with the policies of Admob

Thanks - looks like it would be very easy to recreate this is Thunkable X, and especially now that we have added the ability to import keystore files.

What does this “lock” button do?

I was able to mock up your design in about 5 minutes, here are some screenshots from my iPhone.

On the main page the audio controls use button components and the slider if you want volume control or track position.

The middle section is blank ( I should have put in some blank text) and at the bottom you have your two control buttons.

On the home screen you have all the screens in the drawer navigator like this:

And the component tree includes a Splash screen too!


Interstitial Ads should only be shown in between activities, at natural breaks or junctions in your app. For example, in your case when a user is finished reading/listening and returns to the main screen, you might show an interstitial ad.

What is the correct block to run the interstitial between screens
in classic