How do I make it so when I switch screens the previous stop working?

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I hope you don’t mind me posting a Google Translation of the tutorial instructions:

angle the phone to move the balloons

hitting a wall takes you back to the beginning

enter the hole to go to the next level

The reverse controls are really hard for me! :cry:

But I made it to level 3!

The hit mask on the balloons is a little too big. It sometimes catches the edge of the sprite’s white area and resets.

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Not what I was searching,but thanks for the feedback, I know about that problem and I’m trying to find images that dont have a lot of invisible border.
In the tutorial I added that the thorns have a border to alert people of the problem.

P.s excluding the secret level there are only 3 levels for now, for the reverse controls(not part of the game=bug) you should use the app, I checked, if you use the website it has x inverted but in the app it is normal. Don’t know why it is like this

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You can use to remove background color from an image.

I was testing this on an iPhone 11 using Thunkable Live. The controls were inverted there.

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Mabey it’s a bug with ios or the link it created, because it does work normal for me, thanks for the web site tho. That might resolve the sprite hit box.