How do I create news app in thunkable, and update its content daily?


How do I create news app in thunkable, and update its content daily? i just do many search on this topic but am unable to find the exact answer plzzzzzzzzz help me


Puedes crear un wordpress y crear las noticias desde ahí. En Thunkable tan solo tendrás que poner la url del wordpress en el componente WebViewer, es la única opción que se me ocurre.

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You can create a blog in blogger and embed it in your app using a web viewer.
After you can download the official blogger app by google to publish and edit posts.

To add notifications to your app go to this link:


The topic title and content contradict each other. The title says Thunkable but the content says Android Studio… Which one are you using?

If you’re using Android Studio, this isn’t the place to ask for help.

If you’re using Thunkable, you might want to correct the message.


its a mistake…and i already correct that


u telling video news channel or text news paper ?


text news paper…


use spreadsheet with label etc
its very simply


when i use spread sheet it always shown an error…


well, to be able to help you it probably would help us if you could be so kind to reveal, which error exactly you get?



Why don’t you use Web component to select random url to display text news


When i use the exact background setup for spreadsheet as show in thunkable doc my app is suddenly close…it always crash…