How do I add extensions in thunkable i am unable to find a option to add it?

Guys I am new to thunkable and i want to add download button in my app so did i research on it i came to know that we should use an extensions to add it but i cant find an option to add extensions where can i find the option to add it?

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There is no such option.

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ok can you please tell me how can i add extensions

Thunkable X does not allow extensions but it allows the use of HTML/JavaScript through the use of the web viewer component.

I made a sample project to create a vCard for the contact and download it to your device using the web viewer component and a HTML/JavaScript file.

ok it doesnt allow extensions then why everybody ask for an extensions and also can u please share me your project?

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No one is asking for extension.

You are viewing the ClassicExtension category and Thunkable has retired the Classic version long time ago.

See Export to vCard Example

We can only hope extensions become an option here! And an extensions market!!

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