How can i speed up loading of a screen with lots of dynamically created controls?

i am making a learning app and its home screen will contain lots of lesson feed items…
the items are created dynamically…
each item currently has 3 labels and an image, 6 buttons, one row, two columns…
so when i have 20 news feed items there are a lot of controls on the screen!!
and when i navigate to the screen its taking time to load…

is there any techinique i can use to speed up the handling of dynamic controls?
currently when screen loads, i take list of all labels, buttons, images etc, and then i put them into 3 lists, and then i am working on it…

is there any trick or technique?

@muneer @tatiang @domhnallohanlon


It’s very hard to give any advice without seeing the code. Sometimes the best advice is to restructure the way you handle info or the way info is presented.


i am using @domhnallohanlon 's tutorial for dynamic control creation

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That’s too much #off-topic and that maybe because of your internetwork and generally my version is working fine. But databases took too time to load for me again. :sob:

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thanks @vishruth & @muneer

I moved from dynamically creating components (using clone blocks) to dynamically creating content. So I either place all of the placeholders (images, labels, buttons) and set their text/etc. using Any Component loops or I just use an existing component designed for this like a Data Viewer List/Grid.


thanks @tatiang