How can i open link in-app itself by clicking button


share the block and design info so i can check this for you



I want that when someone click on the first button there will open a webpage in the app not selecting external browser that’s it. please help me brother


web page can’t launch where is the width and high of web view ?

I prefer to set it to fill parent and put the design buttons into layout
when button pressed set layout to invisible and set web view to visible that how you can open browser and show it in your phone when you click a button


Brother I have reset my screen totaly. now help me how to set button for viewing the webpage in my app not in external browser. have you any video tutorial for doing that design? or help me step by step on setting up the screen


because you didn’t add https:// before link
I made this for you aia file open webview when btn clickedmywebviews.aia (4.0 KB)


Yes ! Brother I have done this …Thanks a lot . If I further Need you I will disturb You again.


Nice , your welcome but first make search on youtube or google there is a 1000 video about app inventor or thunkable then ask the community here :slight_smile:


Bro i am created app and web view is open in my app but when i touch in link in webveiwer website its not open…tell me the solution plz


upload this in your thunkable account and see how it work