How can i open link in-app itself by clicking button



With this you can also get a list of installed apps.


Hi @Sarthak_Choubey, welcome to the Thunkable community!

I notice that in your screenshot the button says “Facebook”, Perhaps you are looking for the Activity Starter. Check out this tutorial by @amrita:

You can read the activity starter docs here too:


@Domhnall sir i do not want my link to be open in external browser and just want my link to open in app itself without using external browser


add web viewer componet to your app
when button click
open web viewer
set url to


you can find web viewer in user interface section

there is different between web view componet and web componet


And what if i want to place more than 1 link like facebook Twitter instagram etc


when button 2 clicked set web view url to or what url you want :slight_smile:


Thanku so much sir much needed help u did


you’r welcome
please set my answer as resolve if you want


@Sarthak_Choubey had u got the solution of it… If yes please make me understood


Bro had u got the solution of it… If yes please make me understood


@Saif Would you please told me how to do it in block section ? I want to learn in details from you .


Here we go :slight_smile:


add button and web view first in designer then go to block section and click on button find (when button click block ) and add it then go to web view and ( find call web viewer .go to url )

add it and from block text add empty text then type your url


@saif Brother When I am clicking in the link nothing is happen.2




I am setting the web viewer to uncheckedaa


then you need to set web view to visible by adding this block to true


I have done this according to your direction but when I am clicking in the first button nothing is happening. I am confused that what is happening with me