How can I create an app for my blog?

I want to create a news blog android app for my blog Education Bhaskar. How can I start?

Simply drop a WebViewer, set fill parent in width and height both, and in blocks do this:

When Screen1.Initialize
Call WebViewer1.go to url:
That’s easy

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Every Wordpress has JSON API which you can use to read/write data to your website. Check this:

hey dear avram

i can register new user in wordpress with rest api and postman
http://mywebsite/wp-json/wp/v2/users/ and method post and create auth this plugins Basic-Auth )

just i want connect with app and do this ( register new user with app )

i see your project this link

my register page : mywebsite/register

help me for create auth with app inventor


Can you please share the Block structure. Actually I also want to make an App from my Wordpress site.

Breadly is in no way related to Wordpress (other than the fact it’s also written in PHP). It uses it’s own API and there is a sample app showing how you can use it.

Sorry, I don’t have any blocks for the classic version of Thunkable. You can check my Wordpress sample app for Thunkable X. It’s not finished (and probably won’t ever be), and it doesn’t have user registration, but you might get the idea how to use the WP API with Thunkable: (Categories screen is mostly complete)