How Can I close my app?


i am a beginer in thunkable and my app wont close for the first time, it took 3 times of clicking exit button my app has 3 screens please help…

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@midhun_suresh Welcome to Thunkable :slight_smile:

In each of your 3 screens just use the block close application which is present in control section of block editor along with the Sreen BackPressed event

Below image shows example



That’s because by default the App will go back to previous screen (and you have 3 of them). But you can chance that by closing the app with the OnScreenBackpressed Block and close App block (found in the screen blocks)


i have menu button on screen 1 so is there other way than this to close app?


@Neptech use the close application block in any screen
precondition: you are switching screens correctly…
The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor