How can I add a leaderboard in my app/game?


Hi, I want to make a game (I haven’t started yet) and share the app with some friends of mine and in order to make it more interesting I would like to add a leaderboard that will display each player’s score.

Any ideas on how I could do that?


I am searching the same idea.
You can find some ideas here! But i did’nt find for the moment how to overwrite a score…


@pavi2410 and I are working on a Google Play Games services extension, but that will be available after the summer


I’m not planning to release it into playstore for the time being, so I don’t think a Google play store extension would help in this case :confused:


You could use firebase to store the highest values. Or you can create webhost with sql database and use the web component to send the scores


I will try firebase, it seems less confusing that SQL.


I prefer SQL more then firebase, but I like to mess around with it and keep trying until it works


I don’t know anything about SQL yet so…


I found this:!msg/mitappinventortest/_SNEp0JhBo4/wqo9f5EjJzoJ

It is maybe a good way


Maybe there is a filter code for spreadsheet like not same values so it deleted copys and if we apply it to ordered list it fix problem


guys any update about this extension ?


This will be a Component in Makeroid soon


You might find this helpful :slight_smile:


Here’s an example of a leader board using cloudstitch:


Can I update the fields from my phone? I saw in the documentation how to add values, but I couldn’t find how to update them. Any idea ? Thanks


Yes it is possible , with this aia. @Humberto_Franyie_mrk


I’m so sorry but that doesn’t respond my doubt! I think you should post the sale ad in another section!