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Hello everyone :wave:

I don’t know if anyone of you know what is HockeyApp, but it is a service that allows you to make version controls on your app, like a version check control, a login page for testers or a crash reports method, between others
For example, users that have an old version, a pop-up appears telling users that they have an old version
Or if you restrict your app to testers, a login screen will appear to login with your HockeyApp credentials and verify that you are a real tester, and you prevent unauthorized users to use your app

So, I thought that I can make an AppInventor extension to install HockeyApp in apps and use their services
I’ve been working on Android Studio and Java for about 6 months, and I think that I can make the extension

So, I will try to make the extension. I hope that I will have it before 2017

What do you think about HockeyApp services?

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@barreeeiroo i think your extension will be a very nice and great idea but i also think the Tinny Web DB can be used to make the version check control together with the Web DB

Yeah, and HockeyApp also allows you to make private beta tester projects making a login screen automatically and crash reports or other reports methods

Sorry guys :disappointed_relieved:
The extensions is taking me too much time because I’m having problems with HockeySDK libraries :sweat:

You can checkout the progress of the extension over here: GitHub

Sorry :pray::pensive:

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Use jar library instead of aar. It will compile.

To get jar, extract it from aar using 7zip


It doesn’t work, I’ve already tried and lots of errors appear.
HockeyApp only supports .aar files

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Maybe this can help?

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I don’t think so, because docs are in the version 4.1.3, so the methods will be very updated, and even the system could reject the requests from a lower version

Maybe is possible to compile the raw code, but IDK

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How to convert AAR to JAR


If anyone wants to do this extension, feel free :sweat_smile:

It’s quite hard for me because they provide an .aar and it’s not as simpel as if it were a .jar, and also I prefer to continue with my PHP stuff and my huge TODO list

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Maybe this can be interesting without having an extension:

With the latest HockeyApp update, they have integrated AzureMobileCenter services on their system, so now you can use more things

Test your apps on more than 400 devices during 3 months for free:

It seems that HockeyApp has a powerful web API.

Making some tests…

VersionCode => DownloadUrl

User Verification System

It seems that it’s quite easy to use it, such as having a version control and force user to use only latest version, or to check if an user is betatester and block access to non-betatesters
Also, checking their docs, I can integrate an automatic crash reporting system with whenScreenErrorOccurred

What do you think about it? Should I make a PHP API to use make it easier to use on any app?

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Of course, I will do it after finishing ChatAble :sweat_smile:

no, you should create an App Inventor extension instead… just give it a try…:wink: