Help with solution to simpla app with animation


Im a total newbie and im playing around with making a app/game with very simpla features!
The game should involve that animated sequences (animated gif:s?) should start playing when a button is clicked. The button should also preferable be a animated gif.

Now im playing around with animated gifs, just trying to get them o animate…

so my questions is:

  1. is it possible to use a animated GIF as a button?
  2. i would like to have a number of animated GIF:srandomly appear after clicking on the button. is that possible?
  3. then all the GIF:s have been plays, i would like to have a last GIFplay an then return to home screen, any advise?

Ok, im a super newbie but im so happy for any feedback and advice’s!


There is an extension by @Juan_Antonio
Extension: Animated Gif Clickable

Thanks so much! Slowly getting there now :slight_smile: