Help With Firebase & Listview


I have made a signup procedure using firebase and Firebase Authentication Extension of @mirxtrem_apps.
I have stored every user data on different tags.
Now I want to show every user data as a element in a Listview.Like one tag for one user,One element for one user. (Like this picture)

How can I do this? I tried many times but failed.

Note: I want also when a user edit their data , the updated data will appear as a replacement of their old data in the listview.

Is there anyone help me out?

I dont have a solution, but i just wanna say… the way you made the list in the listview is genuis! :smiley: i’m gonna make my login lists like that in the future :smiley:


You can do something like this using the Add item to list block.

Here’s a video showing how to do this and how to update the ListView elements:


I have not found any solution regarding my topic from your videos.


Aren’t you just trying to add every item of your list variable into your ListView component?


I want to add Values from every tag in the listview. One element for one tag in the listview




it’s easy.

  1. call get tag list from firebaseDB
  2. Firebase give back a tags as a list with event “when got tag list”
  3. use control block “for each item in list” (the list is the value that hsve you gotten in step 2)
  4. set new projectBucket as [MY PROJECTBUCKET TO SEARCH]/item. example “user/item”
  5. get value that you want from firebaseDB. name, email…
  6. firebase return the value… you should have to use an if block to separe the answer depending of tag. example: if tag = name do… someting

the trick… save value that you got in global variables and put it at the end in a list. then you can set elements in list view to= listValues

i have a full toturial in youtube using firebaseDB
enable cc and suscribe.


Hi @Allteach_BD
Did you get this to work? If so, how did you solve it?


can you share a block


is that firebase is an extension?