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I have a button and when I press it, it makes that button invisible, and makes a button visible in its spot. When you press the first button, it plays a sound and then the second button that becomes visible stops that sound. After the sound plays from pressing the first button, as soon as the sound ends, the second button becomes invisible and the original first button becomes visible again. I was able to do this with this extension. When a sound plays with this extensions, the sound loops at the end for a second. It makes every audio clip play normally, but then start over again for a split second.
How do I fix this?

May be show us your blocks it will be easier to help you

Hi @matthew_salemi1, are you using 3 different Taifun_Player components because you have 3 different sounds you want to play?

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Yes. That doesn’t change the fact though. Either the extension is messed up or i’m going something wrong. When the extension plays my sound, it loops for a second after it plays then stops.

Sounds like debouncing to me, especially if the motor is buzzing:

Have you using a label or notifier for debugging yet?

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It is weird. Before I used this extension, I was using the default sound item and it worked fine. Even with the vibration. I needed to use this extension to that I can make it so that the button becomes invisible when the sound is finished playing. Is there any way to do this with the default sound item?

You could use the completed event?

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Thank you so much! I didn’t know there was a player componant x,D
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