Help with ColinTree List


I am using the ColinTree extension to make my app on Thunkable, but I am having some issues.

I am trying to display a list of around 100-200 items on a gallery, with the URL link and image showing, but the app tooks so long to load, around 5 minutes, the app just freezes to load.

How can I improve this, using a list?

I have the same problem in past. I figured out to use compressed image urls for icon and it worked will.


Probably the images you are trying to show on the list are of big size. Of course with a list of about 200 images if each one is even less than 100KB amounts to 20MB and looking at the speed of Internet in Indian sub-continent, getting the images on th e list can take a whole lot of time.

I would suggest you create small thumbnails of the images which you wish to show on the list and then put it on the list.

There are a few things to do.

First try pagination. That is break things into chunks.

Second thing is to use an Asynchronous loader.

thanks…but i need some little extra help in here, im a newbie in thunk.

I dont know exactly where i put the blocks, can you help me?

How Can I Do This?

What do you mean in Break things into chunks?

This is the loop causing the problem

The list is not managed, so if it is large it will keep going.

Hum…Can you help me fix this, please?