Help With Bottom Menu


Hello! I Was Wondering If Anyone Would Be Kind And Help Me Create A Bottom Menu. I’m creating an app for my organization. The app will identify birds and is almost complete. Any Help Is Appreciated! Thanks!

Something Like This. It Needs 4 Bottom Menus! Thanks!


Didn’t you create a topic about this a while ago?

I will make one for you if I have time.


Yeah, I Did. But I don’t think I asked for one. Just ideas. I need someone to help me create one for my app. If you help, you will be in the credits!


Take a look on my blog.
There are many examples of menu styles:

If you need help, than contact me and i show what i can do for you :slight_smile:


Thanks @Mika

Please Check Your Direct Messages


Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock has a bottom menu in case that’s any use to you?


I’ve always used something like @Bruger’s response in Menu Bar At Bottom Of Screen … just create another vertical arrangement at the bottom, height=fill parent and align=bottom.

The only caveat is that scrolling might not work the way you want it.


@Domhnall @jbp4444 Thanks Guys! I’ll Look Into It