Help With Bottom Menu

Hello! I Was Wondering If Anyone Would Be Kind And Help Me Create A Bottom Menu. I’m creating an app for my organization. The app will identify birds and is almost complete. Any Help Is Appreciated! Thanks!

Something Like This. It Needs 4 Bottom Menus! Thanks!

Didn’t you create a topic about this a while ago?

I will make one for you if I have time.

Yeah, I Did. But I don’t think I asked for one. Just ideas. I need someone to help me create one for my app. If you help, you will be in the credits!

Take a look on my blog.
There are many examples of menu styles:

If you need help, than contact me and i show what i can do for you :slight_smile:


Thanks @Mika

Please Check Your Direct Messages

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock has a bottom menu in case that’s any use to you?

I’ve always used something like @Bruger’s response in Menu Bar At Bottom Of Screen … just create another vertical arrangement at the bottom, height=fill parent and align=bottom.

The only caveat is that scrolling might not work the way you want it.


@Domhnall @jbp4444 Thanks Guys! I’ll Look Into It

Hi there!
We are trying to finish up an app and struggling with the bottom menu. What are the steps to have the same navigation menu with 4 icons appear on all the pages?
Thank you for your help!