Help with a code

Dude I would need your help in my project
It is Medicine reminder by Arduino and Android(using Thunkable)
Basic working -
We can set the time from Android app and that timing is sent to arduino through bluetooth HC-05
Arduino checks the time and the buzzer goes off, and when the user opens the box, there is a IR sensor which senses the signal and buzzer is turned off

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I really love this idea.

Have you heard of Ron VanHouten from WMU?
He has some research related to increasing adherence to a medicine schedule through the use of some kind of electronic monitoring/measurement system

I see that this is the first time you have posted @bagwe.dinurea, thank you for posting about this. Are you using Thunkable Classic or Thunkable X?

Hello sir, Honestly speaking I don’t use thunkable, I just joined community for help,
Using Time picker I can take the current time, but what should be the code for sending that time to Arduino Uno via Bluetooth, it would mean world to me if you or anyone could share the code