Help using excel in application

hi i am making a application in which i just want to excess my excel file with my formula ( count days between 2 dates ) how do i do this ? answer should be displyed in app itself not in backend excel . plz help its urgent.

Hi @myapplication2499s6s, welcome to Thunkable. It takes time to learn a tool like this so if you’re in a hurry, you may find that you don’t have enough time.

You can attach an existing Google Sheet to Thunkable. So just move your formula if you can.

Hey , thnx for helping.

My excel sheet works like this.

Start date , end date , total number of days.( Start date - end date )

Can I use the same formula In Spreadsheet in thunkable app ? Will it work same ? How to achieve this ?

I don’t know but Google Sheets is pretty powerful so I’m guessing you can.

The documentation is a little outdated because the data sources location has moved but here’s the basic idea:

but this cant do operations of calculation for counting differences between days , plz help

Yes , but here we can’t do operations like calculation and get difference of two dates . Plz help

I made a quick test by creating a Google Sheet and added 3 columns (start date, end date, number of days) inserted sample data and connected it to the project by a Data Viewer List and it worked as expected.

I’m not sure what are trying to achieve but it is working.

Hey thnx for helping . But I didn’t want Excel result to be displayed in application.
I want that excel opens itself in application and I can input data in application itself and get output in application itself .

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I didn’t get what you mean.

I think you need to start with some tutorials about how to use Thunkable. It’s not possible to open another app within Thunkable. The exception to this is that you can use a web viewer component to view certain websites. But what you would need to do in Thunkable is to have text inputs where the user types in data and then you either do the calculations internally in Thunkable or you upload the input data to a Google Sheet and then download the calculation result back into Thunkable. It’s completely possible to do this but you have to be flexible about it not happening in Excel.

I’ve done very sophisticated calculations this way using Google Sheets.

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Hi do you know how can i export a Google Spreadsheet? I need to create reports that could be opened in a PC

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There is no easy direct way.

You have two options.

  • Use macros / Google script and run them using the web-viewer or open-link.
  • Use an integration app like Zapeir/Integromat/IFTTT to produce the report for you.