Help To retrieve records from airtable in the same order as they appear in sheet from thunkable

I am fetching data from airtable using getrow function by giving a row number, but after data is fetched, I can’t get data in order.
If their is three column in my airtable sheet NAME, PASSWORD and PHONE then i am getting a list from getrow in different different order sometimes NAME come first in index one of getrow outpu list or sometimes PASSWORD or PHONE row data comes in index 1 of list.
The data retrieving list order should be fixed.

Hi @Aditya_Birua,

Just a quick qualifier: are you using an Airtable extension (since you posted in #thunkable-extensions) or are you using the Airtable component in Thunkable X? (in which case can you change the category to #thunkable-cross please?)

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I am using airtable extension in thunkable classic.

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Airtable extension link I am using-
[Free] Extension AirtableClassic -Airtable powered Spreadsheet

That’s for clarifying Aditya, hopefully @jerinjacob or someone who has used this extension can help.

In the interest helping them out though, perhaps you can share some screenshots of the blocks you are using at the moment?

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I have noticed this issue, (I used the Kodular one).

Here is my post on Kodular for a work around.


I think we should use cloudstich google spreadsheet, it returns a row data in correct order.

This is an Airtable API issue. My solution is to give columns numbered names
1- FirstColumn
2- SecondColumn
3- ThirdColumn
and so on
Then get row, sort list by numbers, remove first letters from text.