Help needed for a new idea

hello sir/madam ,

i know thunkable from a long time but i didnt used it .

i have idea which i am going to describe . I hope that this idea can be implemented by thunkable classic .

so , my idea is simple . i will make a app which will give cashbacks to people on buying products from (amazon /flipkart) my link . i would use amazon associates link . in a way , me as well as the user will gain profit . i need that whenver a user searches a product in my search box (in my app). then the link should be generated automatically from my associates account and i should not do it manually . can i create a server and connect it with it .
please give me all the necessary links or videos related to it .

is there a way ?

waiting for your humble response .

thank you .

@ctbully you are indeed a bully, thunkable is also about helping each other, so if @sunitamalani19691d8j will find someone that wants to help him, it’s not of your business destroying anybody’s hopes.

Good luck @sunitamalani19691d8j, don’t listen to negative people.

I humbly apologize for coming across and a “Bully” but that was not my intention at all. I thought about what you said and you are right, not everyone who come here have the the “programmers” mindset.
I am always open to helping people and this community is all about helping people. So I retract my statements and once again offer a sincere apology to the gentleman in question.

Since Thunkable Classic is a programming environment, it should be able to perform nearly anything that other programming environment allow, bounded by its limitations, some of which depend on the computing power of the device running it, and some other being dependent on the maximum size of app that the compiler itself is limited to.
So there should not be an issue to make an app that does something – actually, that is the goal, you cannot distribute an app that does nothing for the end user.

That said, the issue I anticipate is on the financial model that you envision. You expect users to get cashback, plus you expect to gain personal profit. The question is: who pays for that?
If someone gets money, it is because someone else paid it. And people are willing to pay when they gain something in return. So, what is it?