Help me with error, WebviewerDialog Extension

Why this error? It appears when i test my up live with an old tablet samsung (sm-t315 with android 4.4.2).
screen 1 and 4 work fine , screen 2 stops when i touch switchs
screen 2 and 3 show error .
Old android? Compatibility with components?
How to select wich android version can use my app fine?

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Hello :smiley:

As i can read from the error message, the error seems to come from something including this “#” :slight_smile:

It would be very helpful if you could post a screenshot of your blocks :smiley:


Are you using Ben’s (@ILoveThunkable) webviewer Extension only on screen 2 and 3??

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@domhnallohanlon Yes, i thought the same think. And for the switchs? It’s a problem of compatibility with android 4? Which version of android can’t read thunkable app or find error??
@Nice_kode4 There are a lot of blocks, the app is finish and work well , i tested it on 10 devices, only on this old tablet go down :frowning: for now :slight_smile:
I use this extension to show an html page to explain rules game.

@ILoveThunkable how to solve??

As @Nice_kode4 said, you may want to post relevant blocks.

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Sure, this is my block and the html page :aboutgame1 ( made myself, i haven’t experience about html code :sweat_smile:)
If you want more block i can post the .aia
thanks to all
web (675 Bytes)
With another tablet i can’t hide the keyboard (go on automatically) , i tried all the metod find in this community .

Try removing and adding extension (webviewerdialog) again.

Remove from thunkable and download it again or only from this block.