Help me Screen Push Notifications


How do I view notifications received from oneSignal within an app-specific screen?




I can not use the extension


I did not get the necessary information for my question





Thanks for the info! I did a lot of research before posting this question here.


can you explain a little bit more?


When I click on the received notification it directs me to Screen 1, but I do not see the message, I wanted to know how do I display the received message inside the application, not just in the Notification bar.


theres no way to see notification text when opening the app yet, but you can get all notifications decoding json data, im working on that with php code


Got it! I was reading the Onesignal stuff, but I could not implement it in My App.


This is what i have so far :sunglasses:


very cool! This is how I wanted to do it! Did you work too hard? Are there any tutorials?


yes i work on it some time, part of the code is in the documentation at onesignal, but i make a workaround to get date and time when notification was sended…
so i can get date,time,title and msg of each notification.

This is the result by now:

Tutorial i don’t know, i’m thinking into share my php code as default or personalized with a donation… :grinning:


Great job! This option to send messages via App had not thought about yet! Congratulations!


Hi to all
sorry if I resume this topic
I have activated push notifications with onesignal
But I have two questions

  1. How to get a table that contains all the notifications sent?
  2. if I click on a notification, it will disappear. if instead I want to expand the content of the notification how to do it?

thank you all


Kodular push notification no accept app id
Help me


it looks like you are asking in the wrong community…