Help me pls.I’m new on this

Hi! Everyone I’m new on here. And I come here for one purpose, it’s finding the man that’s he leave me. I know it’s look stupid to do this. But I have no idea how to do. He leave me after we stay together and planning for our future. He already did give me ring and ask me marry. He move to Thailand for me too.
We met before and he were working on his project no job that’s time. He was nice guy. We stay together and he ask me for marry. After the virus getting weird he go for job for remote job. And I waiting him here. We were fine untill he lose his job again after work only 2 weeks. He getting freak out and disappear from me can’t even contact. And block me from everyway. Just in 2 mins he leave me. I just hope I can talk with him again. I’m Thai girl and 22 year old he is 33 year old man from London. I just know he read on this site a lot. So I hope he saw this someday and contact me. I put his picture here so he know who finding him. I just need him . I try my best.


You have the wrong website

It’s not for programmer, talking or something like that…? I think he read something like this before. It’s call forum or maybe kind of this. Anyways thank you for your reply.