Help - Inserting hyperlinks

Hi all,
How does one add a hyperlink to a label or button?

You can’t add a hyperlink, but you can make a button that opens a link when you click on it


You can actually add a hyperlink in the HTML format and it will be underlined. But this is useless, because android does not allow clicking on a label. As Sander said, you must use a button, but you can disable feedback and set the background color to none, so it looks like the user is actually clicking the link.

so how can I make a button opens a link when clicked on please?

If you’re using a WebViewer directly in your app you could do something like this

However, if you wanted to use and external web browser you could use the following:

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Thank you for reply, but I am still confused
from where can I reach these commands in the blocks?

I am new here, I am following the video tutorials but still I cannot find the
call web viewer or set Activity starter

I also checked the documents I found this data but I dont know how to use it (please check below)

Thanks Dude, I got it