Help decoding and using JSON



{“Branches”:{“0017F00000PTnISQA1”:{“Address”:“City Stars - Nasr City”,“Discount”:“10.00”,“Identifier”:54,“Name”:“H&M-City Stars”,“PhoneNumber”:“02-24142631”,“sfId”:“0017F00000PTnISQA1”},“0017F00000PTnITQA1”:{“Address”:“Sheraton Heliopolis”,“Discount”:“7.00”,“Identifier”:55,“Name”:“H&M-Sun City”,“PhoneNumber”:“02-24142633”,“sfId”:“0017F00000PTnITQA1”},“0017F00000PTnIUQA1”:{“Address”:“CFC - Ring Road”,“Discount”:“10.00”,“Identifier”:56,“Name”:“H&M-CFC”,“PhoneNumber”:“02-24142630”,“sfId”:“0017F00000PTnIUQA1”},“0017F00000PTnIVQA1”:{“Address”:“Downtown”,“Discount”:“10.00”,“Identifier”:57,“Name”:“H&M-Downtown”,“PhoneNumber”:“02-24142632”,“sfId”:“0017F00000PTnIVQA1”}}}

Any one can help me out in terms of decoding this JSON and creating an interactive list within the app?


Search forum atleast once.


Hi @Ashraf_Rezk,

I’d agree with @Nick1, make sure you do a search before posting:


Thanks guys, I knew about the web tools, I had a different issue; I wasn’t very clear in my post due to being hasty.
The case was solved and was as following: Sometimes I had “null” values; or a non-indexed firebase.
This is what I did:



using a json extension to properly control each component/element and using the ColinTree view to properly present the list.

I’m sorry my question wasn’t clear.
But here I am learning to navigate the form properly! :))))


Thanks for the follow-up @Ashraf_Rezk!


ثانى مصرى اشوفه هنا


Ahlan wasahlan :smiley:


How to use every “id” one by one, and please answer in blocks.

{“title”:“Heeriye Song Video - Race 3 | Salman Khan, Jacqueline | Meet Bros ft. Deep Money, Neha Bhasin”,“thumbnail”:“",“urls”:[{“id”:“”,“label”:"720p - mp4”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"360p - mp4”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"360p - webm”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"240p - 3gp”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"144p - 3gp”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 1080p - mp4”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 720p - mp4”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 480p - mp4”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 360p - mp4”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 240p - mp4”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 144p - mp4”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 1080p - webm”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 720p - webm”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 480p - webm”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 360p - webm”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 240p - webm”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(video - no sound) 144p - webm”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(audio - no video) webm (160 kbps)”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(audio - no video) m4a (128 kbps)”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(audio - no video) webm (128 kbps)”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(audio - no video) webm (70 kbps)”,“size”:“x”},{“id”:“",“label”:"(audio - no video) webm (50 kbps)”,“size”:“x”}]}