Having a Problem with Firebase and Taifun Notification component

I am using taifun Notification extension to send a notification using firebase DB. In my app I want a notification whenever The Data in stock bucket or notify bucket of the firebase DB is changed but I get a notification also whenever the screen is initialised even if there is no change in the database. Please Help me out. Here’s a screenshot of the blocks code…

@Taifun please help.

Semplicemente “data changed” non è l’evento che serve al caso tuo

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WOW! I surely believe that is the solution but can you please explain that in english? OR if you could tell me what language it is? I will use google translate for it.


Press the globe under the text to translate, and what i think he means is that you should use the got text block and check wheater the values are thr same as last time the app where used( using a tinywebdb)


Oh! I see but @enaixpeend I already built the whole app around firebase DB and I can’t change the whole structure to tinywebDB now :frowning2: Is there anything else that you guys believe will work for me??


You same do same with FirebaseDB as @Markus_Vinsa said.

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Sorry, monday mornings is not soo good for me, i meant that you should use the tinydb so the user wont get the same notifications every time the app is opened

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uhhhhh! I got your point. Clever Idea. I must say even on the Monday Mornings apart from being confused your mind still clever. But also let me tell you it’s Tuesday Kudos :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Hope Tuesday goes great for you :joy:

Hi there, @Markus_Vinsa this isn’t working I tried to save the last tag and value in the tinyDB and then compare the changed data From the firebase.

But I am having the same problem again and again.

@Taifun Please look if you can help me out with it.

ITALIAN: contattami tramite messaggio privato e mi spieghi meglio cosa stai cercando di fare, così ti aiuto

I dont think you fully understood me, continue using the firedb and only use the tinydb to check wheater the user have already displayed the notification

yes please check the blocks code I am doing the same thing.


The idea is to store the last received information in a TinyDB. When you open the app again, the information received by the data changed event is compared to the TinyDB: if it is different then it will execute some actions, if it’s equal then it will not do anything. You seem to be doing this on the blocks in the left (NotifyDB), but you need to do the same with the blocks on the right (StockDB).
Another question is: do you have several tags stored in the NotifyDB or just one tag? If you have several, all of the tags are received sequentially when you open the app, so the event Data Changed is called several times and you’re TinyDB is overwritten several times and just the last tag remains stored, which means that you will still receive the notifications from the other tags. If you have a fixed number of tags (like just Stocks, Purchases and Dispatch), you can put the TinyDB blocks inside the “if” blocks that identifies which tag you are receiving and compare each one individually.
I’m sorry if I’m not very clear to understand, English is not my first language.

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Brother! I think you cannot explain it better. Thanks a lot brother. Thanks a lot. And actually I have several tags and the idea is that whenever an Order is received, a notification is generated with the Stocks/OrderID tag or to whatever department it is supposed to be delivered.
And English is neither my first Language.

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Then if there is a condition that Will alert only when the value in the text box is equal to in the database ?