Guys here Is An Error While I Open amy App Please briefly describe

Opening The app It Showing This Issue
Hello Guys my App Is Working Find. After Installing 2 Days It showing me this error. please help me regarding This Issue


I guess no one can help you with that. :sunglasses:






Hi @SolvGame, please respect the rules of the community and don’t create multiple topics about the same issue.

Also, take s look at the post @Peter_Mathijssen has linked to get a better response to your question.




No one reply Here … Why


You should update your original post and the title of the topic to get faster and more constructive feedback. The instructions you need to do this are all in the post that was linked above.

Without having any other information to hand, let’s start guessing…are you using the SQLite extension, or any other extensions?


No I am Not using Any Extension
my apl working fine after some daya It shows an error


Do you have an online database in your app?


I Am Using Firebase to get data