Gtools version 4



GDownload is dope! Great job.


@Jerin_Jacob what exactly is the GDownloader method?
the same as using the web component like this
How to download a file and save it on your device

if yes, then isn’t that new method redundant somehow?

also downloading a file from the internet might take a little bit, so usually this would be an asynchronous method… but where is your GotFile event?



Gtools version 3


Yeah its an non asyncmethod,
as there is already an method I will remove it in next version.Thanks @Taifun for the suggestion.
Jerin Jacob


How to get the timezone (without small inaccuracy ;-)) using standard blocks, for all possible patterns, see here


in my case -6 hours


Sorry I was unaware about it.Thanks Taifun.


concerning the package name: usually the recommendation is to use separate package names for each extension…
see also and



Thanks Taifun.
I will look into it.


But my extension will return as Asia/calcutta.

Jerin Jacob


Release[quote=“Jerin_Jacob, post:1, topic:5695”]
Gtools version 4

Tool for upcasing first letter of a word.

Jerin Jacob


fyi: this and the reverse feature are already offered by the TextUtils extension from Appybuilder



I was unaware about it, thanks Taifun.

Jerin Jacob


I am sure, there is absolutely no problem to add methods/events/properties that already exists. People will choose extension that they like.


yes exactly
however let me recommend the extensions developers to focus on extensions or new methods, which provide something new, i.e. which is currently not possible using existing blocks or extensions…



Yes I agree that we should always make new methods. But for example, I actually didn’t know that TextUtils have that method.


But if it already exsist and it is paid, then your welcome to make something like it :slight_smile: :+1:


can some one help me wer does the otp goes can anyone tell me




I didn’t get it


Hey @Arjun_Kumar the otp doesn’t go anywhere.The use of that block is to generate a random 5 digit number .And you can make use of this block with the instructions from above quote to send otp to a mobile number.