Grouped List By Kus Zab Updated(01/02/2018)

This extension make a group list, multifunction and customized
What’s new on 01/02/2018

  • Add Ripple Effect From Traex on github
  • Circular Image (Seperate extension)
  • Base on Listview adapter avoid OOM on Big data
  • Caching Image Into Storage memory or in process memory(faster) without any OOM So far
    If Set to storage will be able when aplication running on offline mode Icon Still displaying.
  • add get and set CsvData. This function using AsyncTask smooth when fetching data

Here the preview


  • Glide Image from web (detect same image, decrease internet data)
  • Custom font
  • FontIcon(Not able yet on newer version)
  • Listview, or chat Function


And here the blocks

the Price USD15


Very Nice :+1:

This seems to be a very nice tool and I think it would be really useful as an extension in thunkable!!

Unfortunely, testing it on thunkable platform only gave a bug report and I was not able to run this extension in my thunkable app.

I hope, you will solve the current problems soon :wink: - keep thunking.

Actually I already give you the update aix, blyou should check firsy, the delay confirmation cause timezone. The trouble rightnow my extension must be compile on thunk, but meanwhile i dont know where platform you had testing, cause since there an update @thunkable be the oldest core of builder

I think this is the reason, we share these informations in the community.

I checked the aia-file once again:
When trying to connect to the smartphone-simulation it says:

No virtual method Visible(Z)V in class Lcom/google/appinventor/components/runtime/HorizontalArrangement; or its super classes (declaration of ‘’ appears in /data/app/com.thunkable.appinventor.aicompanion3-2/base.apk)
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Maybe one of the experienced thunkable developers can help.

No, I already knew the problem for some extension of mine, since apppinventor hase update their source, i must change some code to be run well on newer and older

is it possible to chek the apk of the app ? im very much interested to buy the extension.

Sorry You must buy it first.

Can You send me the update, I bought from you.

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  • Fixed Font Icon
  • add card Mode

Is this issue fixed

Is this issue fixed

hey @Kus_Zab fixe the extension