GPXwriter Extension

This extension allows adding the characteristics of creating gpx files for positioning of latitude, longitude and time of all of the coordinates.


   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
     <trkpt lat="6.67078730" lon="-73.17629630"><time>2017-11-09T12:11:09Z</time></trkpt>
     <trkpt lat="6.67114220" lon="-73.17634500"><time>2017-11-09T12:17:41Z</time></trkpt>
     <trkpt lat="6.67150500" lon="-73.17630710"><time>2017-11-09T12:17:50Z</time></trkpt>
     <trkpt lat="6.67117250" lon="-73.17569640"><time>2017-11-09T12:19:10Z</time></trkpt>
     <trkpt lat="6.67075980" lon="-73.17613580"><time>2017-11-09T12:20:00Z</time></trkpt>
     <trkpt lat="6.67083020" lon="-73.17630100"><time>2017-11-09T12:20:12Z</time></trkpt>

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Price 15 USD


NICE extension.
U too great

Hi Can I Get A PayPal Link?
Do I Need An Internet Connection To Create The gpx File?

No need online create file

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Nice extension! Very useful!
This would be perfect for me if it had also a block for converting a gpx track back into a list of long/lat/time.

can be created they only need sponsors

Nevermind. I will do this extension myself. Not too hard and much cheaper;)

great! looking forward to your free(?) extension here in the community…


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I took a look into a gpx file and i see there is no need for an extension,
because I can parse the file to my wishes.
Here is an ruff example how I get the names, elevation, latitude,longitude and time from a gpx file into a list.
Tested it on several gpx files and it workes for me so far.

gives me:

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Hello everybody! I have a question about this extension.
It’s works on thunkable X version ?
Anyone using yet ?
Thanks for the answers

Thunkable X does not support extensions at all, so no.

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