Googlemap polyline Json style (my way)

My first tutorial so comments are welcome.

Edited because of the routine of Carlos Pedroza.

I am making an app with 25 tracks in it. Each track is displayed in a Googlemap. The creation of the Json style string was the hard part but… i found an “easy” solution.

I would like to tell you how i or you can easily transform a track into a Json string.

I start by entering the track using the website

This is the help for the site. You can choose Dutch or English.

After making the track you can download it.

Choose “Exporteer to KML”.

You get a file like this:

Copy this part of the kml-file to the clipboard:

Now use the routine of Carlos in your app or use the sample app with the KML code.


Very useful tutorial. Thank you very much for sharing @Peter_Mathijssen


Hello! I checked your way and you can make some steps at thunkable and avoid some steps manually after you download the KML file. You only have to paste the KML coordinates (only the coordinates that you selected) and the rest do it automatically!

Here I uploaded the .aia file: Peter_Mathijssen_polyline_style.aia (43.7 KB)


I just tried it and it is working great. What i was doing was indeed switching the lat and lng values to make it work in Thunkable. Thank you very much. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I put your code inside a procedureblock and changed a few tiny things to make i work just like in my app.


@Peter_Mathijssen thanks for the guide, seems fairly restricted in function, eg can’t draw lines of different colours, is there any alternatives? Not sure what this map drawing database is called

You just use to get the coordinates. The changing line color you do with the Googlemap blocks.

Ohhh ok, thanks!

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