Google Spreadsheets for Newby?


First of all, I want to say sorry about my english. Im from Argentina.
I work in very small Cooperative, we are ten persons.
I want to create an app for two motives:
1- We need an easy way to register our expenses and incomes
2- We need an easy way to register our clients debts (we are an small shop in a big High School, 2000 students) The only clients who can buy and pay latter are the profesors.
We need integrate GoogleSpreadsheets in our app because Spreadsheets can do everything we need, but we need to do an app because is more cute and easy to use.
I need do this with google Spreadsheets, is this possible?
I know that exist AirTable but is not free, and I dont know if can do it


Thunkable Classic has the capability of interfacing with an HTML file loaded in a web viewer through the WebViewString (which can be read and modified).
The HTML file can contain JavaScript functions (I actually measured a heap sort algorithm that I needed for one of my app to run at least 700 times faster in JavaScript than the equivalent programmed in Thunkable Classic, which was what I needed as to get a reply 3 seconds after pressing a button was not really adequate).

JavaScript, on its part, can interface with tools that work like spreadsheet, many of which are MIT license (free to use). See a list of such component at

While GoogleSpreadsheets is not listed, this ( ) indicate that such interfacing is possible.

Basically, you need to hub a lot of tools using HTML/JavaScript. But that seems possible, with quite a bit of work.