Google maps cicle


Hello friends, i need a hand, i need check if my location within the circle and alerts me,

Notify when entering the circle
How to detect whether a users location is on the circle marker we have added?

You can try mapping coordinates near your location and draw a ployline, that may not be a perfect circle. See how it is done here refer to polyline:
Automatic checking location requires background services and this is currently in beta testing with AI2 and shall be release soon to Thunkable.


ok , thanks to reply


this was not a solution because i want detect if my lat and lng touch in cicle area


Right, detecting automatically is not possible due to background services is in development phase. In future it may be possible. But you can code it to use it while app is running.

Detecting current location while app is running can be done using this technique. See the link below:


You can try my DistanceTools extension to measure distances between your position and the marker’s position.


I will try, thanks to reply


i dont know use this, can you make a exemplo?

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how to run the app background, is it implemented or is there any extensions for this. I need the location data to be gathered in every second when the app is started and paused but not terminated.

Please help me with my queries


Hi @Krithika_Sowbarnika

Background services are still not implemented. But there is an Extention which can help prevent app going into pause and act like background when app is minimized. You may want to try this:New extension **Launch my app** >> from recent list in background << :) :) :) add Notification