Google map marker id storing

is there a way to store marker id and after reopening the app, adding the marker on google map the marker’s marker id won’t start from 2 again?

Sure . You can use TinyDB or Firebase as information storage systems. When you open the app you check to see if the data is there, and if it is you render it.

Hi, Cian O Sullivan thank you for your reply, unfortunately there is no way to store marker id while adding marker to map is there any solution or alternative?


See my answer above. it is not fake news.

is it possible to use this block to solve my problem?

How do you use that block if there is nothing saved?

If you cannot save, then you can store the locations in a database and when the app opens you repopulate them on your local map.

well, i think it very hard to explain the problem i am facing now. actually, i know how to repopulate the markers on the map while opening the app. but i still need to know how to save marker ID. may i sent my aia to you? and i will explain what i am going to create and what my problem it is. it is about helping poor people to raise money in Taiwan.

Markers are saved via a google account. You can then share that map with others if you like.

Otherwise you need to populate them on demand.

im sorry, what do you mean markers are saved via a google account?

Lets do this. Explain what you are trying to do please. Why do you want them “saved”

hi! sorry for late reply, fortunately i have already solve the problem but it’s very complicated to describe it so if there is another thunker have problem about it please let me know. i will try my best to help you :wink:

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Use “evaluate but ignore result” block
You will find it under “Control” category

To be:

When do LongClick OnMap

Evaluate but ignore result ( add standard marker … etc)


hi, D.J
I am having same issue Do you mind show us a block of your app please.
thanks in advance