Google drive in webviewer

When we download file from web viewer it doesn’t get proper name from Google drive instead of that it get url … n also it doesn’t get the size of file n the file is downloaded in .bin extension…
Pls solve … @ILoveThunkable

If you had already searched in this forum, you would see that webviewer is not a full browser and doesn’t have all the funcionalities form a normal browser. So please, don’t ask somebody else to solve this “problem”, because it’s not a problem; it’s a way webviewer works.

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So is there any other alternative … can I show file size instead of that url in file name… so tht user wasn’t get frustrated …

Please a) don’t tag me b) just don’t write “plz solve” c) you may want to show your relevant blocks.


@Gagan_Kr Please read…

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