Gif animation when button press


Hello friends,

I have problem in my project.

I have a button and one gif.
I want to make an event.
When a button is clicked for 5 seconds or long press then that button will be unvisible and on the place of button the gif should be visible.

After removing finger from button the button should be back visible and gif should be unvisible.

How it is possible?

I am using this extension to display gif. 6 (12,6 Ko)


use gif block to manage stop and start gif


Which extension i use for this


I show you the method, for gifts use your extension the same you mentioned in the post.


This error is coming. Can you show me blocks in detail


Call gif blocks are not available in that extension. So it is possible. Im confused.


my friend I don’t know why this error shows, I have to see all your project to find it.
Anyway if you read a little from the extension that you downloaded you get more information ( i don’t know all the extensions in the community :joy:) .
If you download file .aia too you can find a easy example to set your project, start and stop gift (as you are asking in another post, and @giorgiospugnesi hints you to use a clock component ). You are welcome to ask all you want and community is happy to help you , but before ask you have to read and find more, there are a lot of information in this community. After studied the problem , after trying to solve it you can ask . This is the right way to think ! My opinion !

you can change “screen1 initialize” with a button and use the method I wrote before for you…Good work



a present for you :gift: bye


Thank you for your reply but why are you taken gif file in png rather it should be gif?

Can i use direct gif file in image ath?


Because the extension you are using works in this way. I READ from the author post that you have to download a program that converts gif to png to use this extension . Why ? I don’t know you have to ask to the author :joy:
But it works very good



Bt im making apps on my phone and i dont have pc. So i cant convert gif in png. So it is difficult for me!


you have gif or pics? I see now that the last extension has also the block start and stop, so it is more easy and you don’t need a clock …follow the hints of the author HERE


I have gif.


Good, use the method in the post . Download the program, use it to convert to png, use png in the extension. If you don’t like this way you have to change extension, i think you can play gif in webviewer or use another extension, but you have to make a search.


Ok thanks :+1:


if you find your answer in my hints check solved so other people know that there is a solution in this post. BYe and good work


Yes you can play gif in webviewer ,read more HERE

Set visible true or false with my method …bye