Getting Runtime error using MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf extensions

Dear Friends I make sidebar in my app and used the following extensions (25,6 KB)
MaterialIcons-Regular.zip503 (59.1 KB)

When I installed this app I got this error …

How I can solve this error?

you have to add both MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf and Roboto-Medium.ttf in your assets.
not the zip files… then compile…

I just reference the files to just tell you. In real I used MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf and Roboto-Medium.ttf in my app…

do you use PathToAssets from Taifun ?

I have no idea about this

Use the block PathToAssets
Returns the path to the assets. This method is useful, if you want to access files from the webviewer component stored in the assets of the app. The method will return file:///android_asset/ in case the app is running after building the app as apk file and will return file:///mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/ in case the app is running inside the companion app (development mode).


This is my complete blocks for sidebar


I have been uploaded the extension which you mention above

I am newbie I did not know where and How this extension use in above blocks, to prevent runtime error which I mention above… Plz help

maybe the problem is not from the sidebar but from the actionbar.

in Actionbar properties did you uncheck

before compiling?

alternatively you can do this and forget the check above



well @Taifun has made a fantastic documentation on his extensions so in the link below you can find all you need to know on how to operate these extra blocks…


Hi dear Thanks a lot problem is solved I was not uncheck the development before compiling … Now after uncheck and compiling there is no runtime error…

There is one another issue, which is in Rate this app section… When I click on it there is nothing happened. No play store open… You can see the blocks above and the following is the other settings for this purpose


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you can always do a search in the community to understand how others have done similar things.
since you are now starting some reading will be necessary…

My runtime error problem is sloved, now the only problem which I am facing is describe in comment 9… If you have any solution plz share…

You didn’t even bother to check the link & all you want is someone to do it for you?
Sorry but I won’t be able to help any further.
If anyone else wants to help so be it.

Btw read this Community Guidelines

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you might want to follow the suggestions from @Mr_Blackd
How to launch Google Play from within your app

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