Getting net::err_unknown_url_scheme android



I am making app for my website 24 hindi. if i click any url in my webpage that is related to intent:// or market://details , i am getting net::err_unknown_url_scheme error. and playstore not opening if call.
For this problem i have searched google and this forum. i found some topic but that are different.
i am uploading some screenshots. please solve this.


If you are displaying it in “WebViewer” use full urI like this


i am not using this url. this is refferal url in my site. After click its go to refferal site and then it uses market:// or intent:// type url. i can`t edit referral url.
example refferal url- .
its chance according app or desktop


okay, then why won’t you try creating filters. Just giving an idea. Like, if currentURL contains this and this, do that method. According to the URLs use different methods. Otherwise, direct URLs to open in an external browser.
Hope you getting.


I dont know how to make filter. Or can you tell me how to open market:// or intent:// in external browser. If i setting in screen 1 then all link will open in external browser. I want market:// intent:// link open in external browser.


same problem. Have you ever solved this.?


The ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME error is commonly because of your browser issue . There’s no application on your device which can handle that particular action. It is a Chromium bug . In Chrome version 40 and up, this bug has resurfaced, but only if you are manually entering the URL of the redirect page in the address bar. The issue is on the chromium issue tracker here