Getting into blank screen when pressing back button in web viewer component



i have created three webviewer components in a screen, and they are viewable by tabs .
I wanted the user to go back to home screen if web viewer cannot go back any further i.e if there is no page left in history and user is already on homepage set in webviewer.

But when user is on homepage of webviewer, and user presses back button, instead of going on home sxreen, the webviewer component becomes non visible and user stays on the same screen,

Later on pressing back button again, user goes to home screen


What is the url defined as HOME in your webviewers?
If you don’t set a Home url, then you can still go back to a blank page, I guess.
Try it.


home is a screen name , it is working everywhere else perfectly.

PS: Check this query too.


I don’t understand your reply.
But anyways, just ask if the current url = about:blank then open screen xyz


what i mean is “Home” is not empty. Home is the name a screen. wherever i put this “open another screen screen name Home”. it is working.


But you say it goes to the other screen after the browser shows a blank page and you don’t want that.
You say you want to open the home screen when the user press back on the home URL of your browser.
So that’s what I’m asking you: What is the home URL of your browsers set to?


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