GetDeviceId: Neither user 11279 nor current process has android.permision.READ_PHONE_STATE


I’ve seen the examples, but none fits my project, and so I could not reveal the error that is in my project, the only thing that could reveal the error would be to inspect the EIA that I sent above to try to solve.


the question is, if your issue also occurs while using the test project…
if yes, then I can use the test project and test it again on my own devices and in case I get the same issue, then I can see, if a solution is available or not…


Yes, if you could test it would be great, because the error occurs in the tests that I do in my device, but not in the companion…


again please use the test project for your tests
thank you



If you can not help me, fine. Because the test project will not help me at all, because the block positions are totally different. And u need help with the project I’m doing. I’ve seen and reviewed the test project several times, searched for others, and none of them gave me any idea of what might be happening with my blocks.


I might be able to help you, but the precondition is, you first have to try the test project and in case you get the same issue there, then I will take a look
thank you for your kind understanding



I checked that AIA and I don’t seems to find any problem with your blocks, but I noticed that you are using FireBase, have you tested to get the IMEI and send to FireBase ?


this procedure is obsolete. If you publish on Google play, they will block you. You must use the gmail account to identify users and notify them before you are withdrawing their data


this is not correct
the user of your app only has to grant the READ_PHONE_STATE permission while using your app the first time