Get value when using get taglist


Hi everyone is it possible to get the values when i use get taglist then when taglist called tags i just want to show it on collintree listview but only show all the tags, i understandi block it that way, but any thoughts if i want to show also the values like the green draw in the picture. Please share your thoughts about this. Much love!!


Hello @DevilLooper :wave:

I have formatted a code snippet below for getting all the tagsā€¦ Have a look :

Hope it helps! :wink:


hi. thank you for your help, i already tried this block, and it work to show the tag in the collintree listview, what im trying to do is the values of the tag as my subtext in collintreee listiview. see my picture above, see the green circles, i want to show them also as my subtext