Get users avatar by email


Is there a way to get a users thunkable Avatar by email? I need this for my app that displays users avatars by there email.


I think so

Tomorrow I will make you a light PHP API for that


@barreeeiroo maybe you should get some sleep😂 its already 00.30


OK, thanks!


Maybe :sweat_smile:


With email I can get Google avatar if you prefer

To get user avatar from the community you need the username, not the email


Yes, I would prefer Google one then. Thanks


So you would need a WebView to use OAuth


I can never get that to work :frowning: the enable OAuth block just makes it so page does not load


I will make a demo app so


OK, thanks.


Use @Taifun AccountManager extension.


I will try it, thanks


Checkout this:

You can get user’s Google image profile by just logging them with the app