Get latitude / longitude

how can I get the latitude and longitude that are saved in the firebase?

when starting google maps, I want to be directed to the latitude and longitude that are saved in the firebase.

You can do something like this.

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I did not locate in the thunkable to call Movecamera, even then I tried with Move Map to location.

Can I use it? I tried but could not get the result.

oh because I’m using AppyBuilder.
Yes please do that Move Map to location in Thunkable

Don’t forget to:

  1. Set the FirebaseURL and ProjectBucket to your firebase.
  2. Set the database rules to

“rules”: {
".read": “auth != false”,
".write": “auth != false”

I tried but I did not get results :frowning:
Did I do something wrong?

Your Project Bucket looks different than the first post. Double check on that.

You’re right, I adjusted.

but I think the problem is in the format that my data is saved in firebase

How can I save him like this?

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allows us to help you help?

After you have the correct Project Bucket do something like this.
add Google_Map or Location_Sensor

Thank you for your help

I’m doing this:

and I’m getting this:

I would like to get like this: (red)

Change your bucket to “app-zucchi/0”

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