Get Data From the Spreadsheet Using URL /Link



Hello Everyone,
Today I’m here with an another tutorial of spreadsheet !! It is very clear from the title of this topic that i’m going to provide you an alternative solution of getting data from the spreadsheet !!

Here are the following steps in which i’m going to explain you the whole process.

:one: Create a spreadsheet

First of all you have to create a spreadsheet [ Or you can also use the older one ] to create a new spreadsheet visit the website and make these following changes.

◎ Define a title to the spreadsheet
◎ Then make colums according to your need ( here i’m creating 3 columns ) and define there titles
◎ Put some sample data there ( for testing perpose )
◎ Click on Share button to generate a shareable Link/Url [ Make sure ther properties of the link/url is set to Anyone with the link can view ]

:two: Modefy the URL

Now we have to modefy the shareable Link/Url by changeing the edit?usp=sharing with export?format=csv like this !!

:three: Components Used & Blocks Screenshot
I’m using
◎ A button
◎ A List View [ to display data ]
◎ A web View [ to get data ]

:four: Now Let’s test it

Let me know if you all need a tutorial video on this topic!!

◎ Ct_tricks


Well done. This was needed. However, there is a video tutorial on this topic already in YouTube, I believe. I have learnt it from there. Well made tutorial for the community nevertheless :smiley:


@cttricks if my data have commas, i will need to replace the text?


You can use a procesure to replace commas with other signs ( Like : _ + or any sign ) during upload & Call


Thanks, will try it. Very good.


Hi @cttricks
and what is the simple blocks for insert data to sheet?

Thx u in Advance !


Hello @B_Hdez

//Ct tricks