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comparto extensión gauge, sirve para mostrar datos de arduino y esp8266 IoT

-libreria js de apoyo


Andres Daniel (11.4 KB)
DendritasGauge.aia (78.3 KB)

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Gracias por el aporte :+1:

Tiene muy buena pinta :yum:, pero si tuviese un Arduino lo probaría sin problemas :sweat_smile:
Intentaré hacer algún truquito para probarla sin él :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


la puedes probar con un slider


Perfecto :ok_hand:
En cuanto tenga tiempo lo haré


Looks nice!

Thanks for using my ScreenTools Extension!

BTW, I add some tags, so this extension is better found.


Wow very nice and useful gauge. This is the TOP GAUGE example in whole community so far.


Hello i am newnena Be a student in thailand. i Studying about internet of think and app. i need code about Gray scale temp for control. i can use app connect cloud ( ) but i can’t Gray scale apply in app. thnak for help!


@Andres_Cotes Why does it not gauge to correct value?

It should gauge to 29.18 but now it gauges around 24.1 or something.

And another problem is it Leaving great space after displaying the gauge meter. Please check the screenshot below.



Means I need to use 5 Highlights?




It solved the first issue. But Other texts and buttons are not visible. Why?


no understand


After gauge display, its showing blank screen. And scrolling not working too.

Translated using Google translator:
Después de la visualización del indicador, muestra una pantalla blanca en blanco. Y el desplazamiento no funciona también.


Hi. Mr.andres
thank for your extension.
i have one problem. the gauge can not zoom in. i want to make it smaller in the screen.


hi, can you solve my problem? in my app, the gauge doesn’t show.


Why the meter is not getting displayed in all devices.???


Great extension!
But I have one problem. The extension works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ but when I tried it on Android TV it doesn’t work. It shows a blank screen. I have the same code in the example. What can I do?
Thank you